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Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day 👩‍💻

Tuesday 12th October 2021 is Ada Lovelace Day - a day to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Ada Lovelace Day was founded in 2009 and ever since it has been a day of celebrating and showcasing a large number of role models all around the world who are working in STEM. It is so important that we shine a light on the diverse number of people working in this field so that everyone feels welcome to join and learn but also to support others who are already in the field to stay and connect with others!

The celebration is named after the incredible Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer. Ada was an English mathematician and writer who through her interests in machines met Charles Babbage. Charles was working on the Analytical Engine - a very complicated device that was never actually built but resembled elements of a modern computer.

Ada wrote about the Analytical Engine and realised that the computer could follow a series of simple instructions to perform a complex calculation, even though the machine had never been build. And that's how she became to be known as the first computer programmer!

Her notes on the Analytical Engine also formed part of the inspiration for Alan Turing whilst he was building the first computer. 💻


Learn more about some of the female pioneers in STEM in this Kahoot quiz

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